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What Sets Our Insect Repellant Above the Rest

When enjoying the fresh breeze of spring, the warm rays of the summer sun, or the mountains in autumn; no one wants to be bothered by pesky insects and mosquitoes. In fact, most people will need to apply insect repellent much more than they’d like
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All About Our Shaving Products

Today's shaving industry has taken a leap forward by taking a step back. At O My! we pride ourselves in putting your skin first and creating shaving products that stay away from hazardous chemicals that you'll find in that far-too-common aerosol shaving cream. We aren't reinventing the wheel, but we are reintroducing the best shave possible!

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Goat Milk Beard Balm and Beard Oil

With over 50% of America’s male population sporting beards today, everyone wants to know: What the heck am I supposed to put on this thing! Whether it’s a suave mustache or a full mountain man’s beard, it needs to be maintained. And while most beard care brands will use words like natural and organic, they’re far from it, leaving your face with nothing but a greasy or wet feeling. This is why men are starting to use goat milk beard oils and balms
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