When enjoying the fresh breeze of spring, the warm rays of the summer sun, or the mountains in autumn; no one wants to be bothered by pesky insects and mosquitoes. In fact, most people will need to apply insect repellent much more than they’d like. That’s why at O My! we’ve created a repellent that you actually WANT to apply throughout the day because it’s:

•    All Natural
•    DEET free
•    Made with 5 Essential Oils
•    99% effective at repelling

All-Natural Insect Repellent
We wanted to create a totally natural repellent that doesn’t harm your skin like most of the mass-produced repellants offered at the store. Our spray is a combination of Essential Oils that each work to repel mosquitos, ticks, and other biting bugs. Meanwhile, most other brands are relying on the use of just one chemical, DEET, which is linked to health hazards.

100% DEET Free
DEET, a brand of diethyltoluamide, has become one of the most common bug deterrents, however, multiple studies have proved it to be harmful. In fact, one assessment on the chemical found it to be linked to neurotoxicity in many children. Therefore, the CDC recommends controlled usage and why we work with the healthier alternative: Essential Oils.

5 Essential Oils in Our Insect Repellant
At O My!, we use five high-quality essential oils that not only repel but also come with additional benefits to your health:

Citronella: repels insects, removes bad odor, fights bacterial and fungal growth, reduces fever, and eliminates toxins.
Lavender: repels bugs, relieves stress and anxiety, relieves pain, and boosts immunity.
Lemongrass: cares for the skin, reduces odor, boosts immunity, treats infections, and reduces aches.
Eucalyptus: repels insects and lice, heals wounds, improves brain function, relieves muscle pain, and aids the sinus and immunity systems.
Peppermint: repels bugs, hydrates burnt skin, boosts immunity, reduces stress, and improves sinus.

99% Effective at Repelling
O My! Bath and Body is the brand you can take anywhere. Our All-Natural Insect Repellant is designed to make those pesky bugs flee and rejuvenate the skin so that you won't feel sticky or have that grey cloud around you everywhere you go. Enjoy being outdoors without fighting off all those biting bugs. Your protected skin will be singing “O My!”