O My! Goat Farm goats


Omniio is proud to produce the one and only brand
O My!® Goat Milk Bath & Body,
consisting of all-natural products made with farm-fresh goat milk and made in the USA.

O My!® was born from an expression of utter joy after bathing with a bar of natural handmade goat milk soap. The home-grown recipe was perfected over the course of 10 years on a goat farm in Knott's Island, NC. This is where O My!®'s super-creamy, farm-fresh goat milk still comes from daily. Goat Milk is very beneficial to the health of our skin due to the similar PH Balance, as well as the natural Vitamins and Minerals found within! O My!® Goat Milk Soaps have been known to moisturize dry skin, help to heal sensitive skin conditions, and exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving a healthy glow that is noticeable by others!

The O My!® brand is well-known for it's natural beauty and that all starts from within! It's not just about the high quality natural ingredients... it's also about WHAT'S NOT in O My!®

FREE from Palm Oil, Gluten, Parabens, Phosphates, Phthalates, Sulfates

You can now find O My!® in over 1500 retail locations nationally, spanning from spas, pharmacies, hospitals, general stores, natural grocery stores, hallmarks, retail gift stores, garden centers, hardware stores, gourmet stores, fabric stores, bookstores, college campuses, private schools, as well as military commissaries and exchanges.
O My!® is also exported throughout Canada.

O My! Goat Milk Bath and Body Headquarters

The O My!® mission is to produce positive emotions, helping to bring about healthier lifestyles for people all around the world. To make this happen, our focus consistently remains on product innovation, only using high quality natural ingredients, and providing the absolute healthiest bathing experience our customers won't forget.

O My!® is committed to the ideal that being socially and environmentally responsible are key components of a great company. As part of our corporate culture, we operate using four key principles: Commitment to the Environment, Commitment to our Community, Commitment to our Customers and Commitment to our Suppliers.

O My!® supports and endorses a diverse syndicate of charities and nonprofit organizations. Please click here to preview various charities and nonprofit organizations we have donated to.