Omniio Now Accepting Bitcoin  |  DOWNLOAD OUR PRESS RELEASE HERE

We are pleased to announce we are now accepting bitcoin as a payment method on our website. Omniio joins a growing group of businesses that offers the digital currency as a way to pay for purchases.

As an incentive for our customers who pay with bitcoin, all orders through our website will receive free shipping with no minimum purchase amount.

“There are numerous benefits for a customer to use bitcoin to make purchases online,” said Michael Adolphi, president and CEO of the bitcoin option trading platform, bcause, LLC. “One is that it dramatically decreases a customer’s risk for fraud and identity theft. Customers aren’t putting all of their credit card and personal information out there for thieves to potentially access. Another is that paying with bitcoin simplifies the checkout process. All it takes is two clicks and you’re done.”

Paying with bitcoin also benefits merchants. “Bitcoin allows merchants to get paid right away without worry about chargebacks,” Adolphi said. “They are able to operate at a lower cost because they pay a much smaller transaction fee, typically less than one percent. With traditional credit cards merchants can pay a 3 to 4% transaction fee. Using bitcoin is a win-win for both customers and merchants.”

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