Natural Insect Repellent vs Unnatural

Summer is almost here! While this may mean around-the-clock, outdoor fun with your friends and family, it also means more of those pesky insects and bugs! Easy fix, right? Just head to the local grocery store and pick out the cheapest bottle of bug spray? Wrong! That might just make things worse for you this summer!

Chemical Repellents

We all know the brand names that have kept the bugs off (sometimes) when were young, but what’s to be wary of? You guessed it…chemicals. A majority of the common repellants offered contain chemicals that are unnatural and harmful to the skin!

But…What About the Skin?

Believe it or not, the skin is your largest organ. That’s right! Your skin, like the rest of the body, keeps you up and going. It’s the first line of defense in most cases, and it absorbs whatever you cover it with. So, lathering all your exposed areas with repellant that is laden with chemicals is harmful to your skin and could cause unpleasant reactions or worse.

The Dangers of DEET

DEET, a brand of diethyltoluamide, has become one of the most common bug deterrents, however, multiple studies have proven it to be harmful. In fact, one assessment on the chemical found it to be linked to neurotoxicity in 14 children. This is why the CDC recommends controlled usage.

Natural Repellents to the Rescue!

Though DEET is linked to harmful side effects, it’s still better than Lyme Disease or West Nile, right? Well, what if you could fight off those risky insects while also avoiding those toxic chemicals. The solution? Natural insect repellants!

Why Natural is Better

Natural insect repellents contain organic elements and oils that are known and proven to keep the worst of the bugs away. And that’s just the beginning! At O My! we use five high-quality essential oils:
Citronella: repels insects, removes bad odor, fights bacterial and fungal growth, reduces fever, and eliminates toxins.
Lavender: repels bugs, relieves stress and anxiety, relieves pain, and boosts immunity.
Lemongrass: cares for the skin, reduces odor, boosts immunity, treats infections, and reduces aches.
Eucalyptus: repels insects and lice, heals wounds, improves brain function, relieves muscle pain, and aids the sinus and immunity systems.
Peppermint: repels bugs, hydrates burnt skin, boosts immunity, reduces stress, and improves sinus.

There’s a reason one of the fastest growing and lasting trends is essential oils! Now is your chance to join and to make those pesky bugs flee with O My! All-Natural Insect Repellent. With 5 high-quality essential oils that are great for the body, you won't feel sticky or have that grey cloud around you everywhere you go. Enjoy being outdoors without being bothered by annoying bugs.