Heather Paige Adolphi
Founder / CEO
Heather brings over 17 years of entrepreneurial experience to the business world by previously developing, maintaining and eventually selling 7 online ventures, all relating to the arts and creative development.

Since the inception of Omniio, her dedication to detail, creative marketing alliances and sense of overall leadership have created a vast array of product options, creating a fierce competition in both the traditional bath & body world as well as the global online gift world.

Heather's love for the environment and her community shows throughout the array of natural products offered by Omniio!.  Every product inception is initiated with careful consideration of how the products will positively impact our world today and in the future.

Vicki Forehand
President of Product Development
Vicki has always had an entrepreneurial spirit & has owned several businesses over the course of her life.  She is the mother of two beautiful children & has always had a passion for people & helping others.  As a former nurse of 39 years, Vicki knows the importance of good health inside and out.  With her science knowledge, she formulated a product over 10 years ago, now known as O My!™ Goat Milk Soaps!

Not only does she have a passion for people but also for animals too.  As a farmer, she has raised goats for over 10 yrs and is the local goat "guru". 

She is active in her community with local farmer's markets and educating others about natural alternatives to everyday commercial products.

Lauren Bruso
Director of Social Media
Lauren has been helping her mom make soaps for years.  When she is not working on the farm, she handles all social media accounts for Omniio as well as production and admin..  She continually seeks opportunities to expand the company and she has a passion for helping people.  She is currently working towards a Bachelor's degree in Environmental studies and believes that everyone has the right to know where their products originate from and what they are made of.