Did you know that switching to goat milk soap is one of the easiest ways to begin properly nourishing your skin? The commercial soap you’re used to using may get the dirt off, but it’s probably damaging healthy skin cells in the process. Most commercial soaps are heavily abrasive and damaging, that’s why the FDA says, “Today there are very few true soaps on the market.” It’s a simple switch, but the results will be incredibly tangible and life-changing.

What is Goat Milk Soap?

Companies like O My! make soap using all-natural ingredients, which of course includes farm fresh goat milk. It’s a healthy mix of oils, butters, and milk. The oils and butters work to freshen your skin with a beautiful aroma, but what does the goat milk do? 

Natural Exfoliation

Goat milk contains lactic acids that naturally remove dead skin cells while regular soaps have cheap chemicals that can easily irritate your skin. The natural acids in goat milk act both as a moisturizer and an exfoliant.

Rich in Vitamins

Vitamin A, C, and E are all found in goat milk, and perhaps most important is vitamin A’s role in repairing damaged skin. It even helps fight wrinkles and lines! Meanwhile, other soaps use synthetic vitamins that lack the same healthy rewards. 

Moisturizing Skin

The fatty acids and cream found in goat milk help to rejuvenate the skin with their moisturizing qualities, unlike most soaps which actually dry out the skin. This is a dream come true for a majority of people who suffer from sensitive skin.

Fighting Bacteria

The PH level of goat milk is incredibly similar to the skin’s, allowing it to keep the skin moist and safe from unwelcome bacteria.

Handcrafted Locally

We know that commercial soaps are mass-produced in factories, but the natural, farm fresh goat milk soaps are typically handcrafted locally. In this case, the healthier option also helps support small communities and jobs.

Most soaps today are probably doing more damage to your skin than you’d like. There’s no reason to tolerate dry skin and exposure to unnatural chemicals. O My! Goat Milk Soap is the solution! It’s all-natural, handcrafted soap fresh off our happy goat farm every morning. Unlike others, our soap will soothe and protect your skin long-term, leaving your skin supple and healthy. Once you make the switch to a true soap like ours your skin will be singing, “O My!”