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Goat Milk Beard Balm and Beard Oil


With over 50% of America’s male population sporting beards today, everyone wants to know: What the heck am I supposed to put on this thing! Whether it’s a suave mustache or a full mountain man’s beard, it needs to be maintained. And while most beard care brands will use words like natural and organic, they’re far from it, leaving your face with nothing but a greasy or wet feeling. This is why men are starting to use goat milk beard oils and balms.


What is Beard Oil?

The primary ingredient of a beard oil is typically an extract from a nut or seed: coconut, almond, jojoba, or moringa. Then, to add a few slight benefits and a better scent, a blend of essential oils is mixed in. With the oil applied properly, you can expect a pleasant smelling and hydrated beard with less itch and stray hairs.


What is Beard Balm?

Beard balm, also known as beard wax or beard butter, ranges in nature and function, but the primary purpose is to condition, soften, and style the facial hair. Typically, the types of balm focus on one of the two purposes: styling or conditioning. The difference? Wax. If your goal is to control the shape of your beard, then you’ll want a balm with more wax, while if you’re more interested in treating your beard, you’ll want the ingredients to contain less wax and more butter (typically shea, cocoa, or mango).


So, Why Goat Milk?

Once you enjoy the treatment of a beard oil or balm it’s never the same without it, which is typically the motive for the expected daily application. So, why goat milk? Because you’re missing out on key benefits that no other oil or balm can offer! A few include:

   Moisturized skin and beard

   Removal of dead skin

   Resistance against bacteria

   Vitamins D, C, B1, B6, B12, E

   Fewer wrinkles with vitamin A

   Reduced acne


Application - How to Use

Applying goat milk beard oil and balm requires the same process as most other brands and types.

Beard Oil - (best after shower for open pores)

1.       Dry your beard to at least damp.

2.       Place a few drops in your palms (2-3 drops for shorter beards or 10 drops for the longest).

3.       Rub palms together for even distribution.

4.       Gently but firmly stroke your palms with the grain of your facial hair, evenly applying the oil into your skin, beard, and mustache.

5.       Apply excess oil onto other dry skin to moisturize and replenish skin.


Beard Balm - (best after shower for open pores)

1.       Make sure beard is dry, or at least damp. (Applying a small amount of oil before is fine.)

2.       Take 1-3 dime-sized dollops of wax (1 dollop for smaller beards or 3 for longest).

3.       Rub the balm together firmly in hands.

4.       (Longer Beards) Apply the first dollop up the neckbeard first.

5.       Massage the balm down the beard evenly until the desired feel and look.


Don’t Settle When it Comes to the Beard

Your search for the ultimate beard care products has come to an end. The healthiest solution is obvious and undisputed. Goat milk beard oils and balms are the best match to keep your facial hair strong, smooth, and fresh. Use the best - use O My! Goat milk. At O My! we make it our goal to produce the healthiest and most enriching products so that you can enjoy the feel of a real beard.


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