Anti-Aging Benefits of Goat Milk

As the long days of summer draw to a close, you may begin to notice some additional signs of damage or aging from increased daylight and sun exposure. Never fear, O My! is here to help turn back the clock on sun damage and help restore your complexion. 

Often times, commercial skincare products try to replicate the nourishing effects of goat milk with harsh chemicals and additives. But why buy synthetic when you can get even better, all natural version of the same thing by using farm-raised, goat milk soap? Treat your skin the natural way, and receive all of the following benefits:


Goat milk contains lactic acid, a naturally occurring form of alpha-hydroxyl acid (AHA), a common ingredient in skincare and anti-aging treatments. Though “acid” may sound severe, it works to gently sloughs off dead skin cells, removing the outermost damaged layers, and exposing the fresh skin underneath!


Another way that goat milk helps to combat the signs of aging: fats. For years, we were all told that excess fats in your diet were a bad thing. Turns out we should have been putting them on our skin! The lipids in goat milk have anti-inflammatory effects which help to sooth damaged skin cells and neutralize redness, giving users a fresh and even complexion. Additionally, the enzyme lipase helps to break down and eliminate oil-soluble impurities, resulting in cleaner, younger looking skin.

Due to it’s natural origins, goat milk is rich in vitamins and minerals that are incredibly important for the health of your skin. At O My! we use fresh goat milk in our products to ensure purity and maximize the benefits of these vitamins. A particularly important component is Vitamin A - a key ingredient in commercial anti-aging products. Vitamin A offers a host of helpful traits when it comes to rejuvenating skin. Vitamin A helps to stimulate the generation of fibroblasts, which aid in collagen production - the key to soft and supple skin. It also helps to stimulate melanocytes which produce melanin, which is vital to protect skin from the sun, and has the added benefit of reducing the appearance of age spots.

Lucky for you, O My! offers a wide array of skin care products fortified with all the added benefits to help reverse signs of damage and aging. So now you know the secrets to healthy, younger looking skin:

1. Drink plenty of water.
2. Use SPF regularly
3. Cleanse your skin with any of our refreshing goat milk soaps
4. Finish with a soothing layer of O My! scented lotion

Restore and protect your face and body for soft, youthful looking skin and make your friends and family say, “O My!”